Monday, 16 December 2013

Update on WMM Clerkship and WMM Committee

Dear Friends
The Nominations Committee appointed by Monthly Meeting (WMM85/13) met on the 19th November and appointed Jeni Pim, Jonathan Fletcher, Brenda Mullally, Craig Johnson and Roger Johnson (with Alan Pim as his alternate) to serve on our Waterford Monthly Meeting Committee until the end of 2014. As agreed at our last MM, this committee will act as the Clerk of our Meeting, this committee is also our standing nominations committee which also has power of appointment (It is not the Triennial Nominations Committee). It is expected that this committee will deal with the Monthly Meeting Business in between Monthly Meetings in addition to business that does not require a Monthly Meeting decision.

We hope that you will bear with and support this committee as it finds its feet and comes to terms with its role. All minutes of the WMMC will be available to WMM and are likely to form part of its minutes. All decisions that require WMM consideration or decision will be brought to WMM.

This committee (WMMC) has met twice since being established, to deal with the business of the meeting. Having identified the immediate business to be dealt with, including requesting reports from WMM sub-committees, appointing auditors, checking on donations to be made, forthcoming dates of importance, times of meetings, QM minutes received etc., it agreed that there was not enough business to warrant December's Monthly Meeting. Please feel free to pass any comment or observation or in particular any query that you have that an item is being attended to to

The next Monthly Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 8pm and Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at 8pm.

Jeni, Jonathan, Brenda, Craig & Roger