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Subject: Re: QCEA Action Alert: 24 hours to contact your MEP about EU arms sales to Saudi Arabia
On 02/02/2016 18:21, Andrew Lane [QCEA] wrote:

On Thursday 4 February the European Parliament will vote on an emergency motion about EU arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
Some of our supporters have contacted us following media coverage of the increasing supply of weapons to the Middle-East, and especially to Saudi Arabia. This is happening despite allegations about the Saudi government's role in Syria and Yemen, and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.
If you have been concerned about this issue, please join with arms-trade campaigners from across Europe by emailing to your MEP. On Thursday they will discuss motions and amendments calling for:
·         An immediate stop to EU arms transfers and military support
·         The adoption of an EU arms embargo against Saudi-Arabia and it allies.
Take action today by emailing an MEP
A template email is attached (LINK), designed by the European Network Against the Arms Trade.
You will find MEP email addresses at: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/map.html [Select your country, click on an MEP and then click 'Email' on the right side of the page. If you live in a country that elects MEPs on a constituency system, please use the 'constituency' tab to find MEPs that represent your region].
We suggest you particularly write to MEPs in the socialist & democrats group (e.g. British Labour party). If you have time you might like to also email an MEP is one of the two main conservative groups (known as the EPP and ECR). Greens and Liberals in the European Parliament are already likely to support the motion.
Please let me know if you get a reply, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Let's work together to build a Europe of peace!
Andrew Lane
Representative - Quaker Council for European Affairs
Quaker House, Square Ambiorix 50, 1000 Brussels
www.QCEA.org, Twitter: @QCEA